Cubiscan 1100-AKL pallet dimensioning system measures pallets and large freight for shipping and storage

Sliding Measurement Arm

Cubiscan 1100-AKL

The Cubiscan 1100-AKL is an overhead pallet dimensioner that measures palletized freight of virtually any shape, color, and packaging material. It is a low-cost version of the Cubiscan 1200-AKL with a reduced measurement area. It uses infrared lasers to dimension freight, providing a more accurate measurement than 3D camera technology.

Parcel Types: Palletized freight, large crates, large irregular items

Applications: Storage, outbound shipping, revenue recovery

Measurement capacity: 6’4″L x 5’W x 8.6″H

technical specs

physical specifications


72 in (1820 mm)


115 in (2900 mm)


26.5 in (670 mm)

Suspended weight

<400 lb (<200 kg)

recommended ceiling height

>150 in (>3800 mm)

measuring capacities

maximum usa (lft, ntep)

Length: 76 in (193 cm)

Width: 60 in (153 cm)

Height: 103 in (262 cm)

measurement increment

+/- 0.5 in


Measurement Time

3-4 seconds

power requirements

95-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, single phase

operating temperature

32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)

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