high-speed checkweighers

Cubiscan check weigher


Cubiscan Integration Services provides many types of checkweighers and inline weighing systems. Call us now at (877) 764-1955 for a quotation or use our project quote page. We provide standalone systems as well as full service integration to existing lines.

In Motion Scale Solutions Include:

  • Shipping and manifest (such as UPS and FedEx shipping lines)
  • Order picking validation
  • Food and beverage with optional metal detection
  • Packaging to check weight tolerances
  • High speed systems
  • Extreme accuracy – our technology allows for industry-leading systems that far exceed traditional load cells

Order Fulfillment and Distribution Applications

Cubiscan checkweigh solutions have several functions within the distribution process. A typical inline scale application will have a scanner that reads the individual parcel ID, record the shipping weight, then report this data to the manifest or host software. In applications requiring weight verification, the actual weights are compared to expected weights in the database. This weight is determined by the sum of weights of the items picked and associated with a tolerance (acceptable range of +/- the actual weight). Any exceptions that are outside of the tolerance are then diverted to a manual QC station for inspection.

Packaging and Batch Applications

Checkweighers are also used in many packaging and batch applications where each product is validated and anything that is over/under weight is rejected. This process does not require individual scanning to identify the product since each is the same. However, the option is still available to scan barcodes for serialized items, time/date stamp, or other unique identifying features a customer may want to track.

Food and Beverage, Washdown/Stainless Steel Checkweighers

CIS provides checkweigher systems for many food and beverage applications. Some systems require drip proof or full chemical cleaning. There are various levels of NEMA and IP ratings available. Contact us about these applications, as each is unique in scope and equipment.

Cubiscan integration services sortation and conveyor lines

Options for Conveyors, Diverting, and Sorting

  • Standalone systems use induction conveyor and exit conveyor
  • Integrated systems may use existing lines or a combination of existing and new conveyors
  • Accumulation and the end of line may be powered or gravity (non-powered)
  • Diverts may be used for exceptions handling (no-reads, no-label, 2 items on the scale, etc) or for sorting to various shipping lanes