Dimensioning and cubing systems

Cubing systems are used to automatically capture dimensions of boxes, bags, packages, and even irregular or non-cuboidal shapes. This process is particularly important for carrier compliance and legal for trade applications. Many UPS and FedEx services as well as most international carriers require dimensional weight calculations on certain types of shipments. Parcels that measure over limitations set by carriers cost more to ship due to dimensional weight factors.

Cubiscan Integration Service has vast experience with installing hundreds of in-motion dimensioning and cubing systems worldwide. Systems include a wide range of standardized products as well as options for conveyor, weighing, scanning, and labeling as part of a total solution.


  1. Receiving and slotting. Receive and update SKU data to a WMS in real time.

  2. Automated carton selection. In-motion cubers send dimensions of products from the picking operation to automatically select the correct shipping carton to be formed. This is typically used in conjunction with a random or and on demand case former.

  3. Shipping manifest. As part of a total in motion manifest solution, our systems provide data to capture carton ID, weight, and cubical dimensions for every shipment.

  4. Shipping rate assessment. Real-time dimensional weight factor for static and in-motion systems.

  5. Cargo freight forwarding. International carriers must scan, weigh, and dimension most freight. QMI Services provides systems for all cargo manifest needs.

Static Cubing Systems

Many applications require a static cubing system for individual products and cartons. Cubiscan has 35+ years in the cubing and weighing industry. These systems are perfect for inbound product cubing at the case and product level, even irregular and noncuboidal shapes may be dimensioned.

Cubiscan 110 mobile dimensioning system measures and weighs packages for outbound shipping. The Cubiscan 110 fits between gravity conveyor and makes it easy to handle packages as they come down the line
In-line dimensioning and weighing in a high-volume distribution facility with a Cubiscan 200-TS

Integrated Cubing Systems

Motion-based cubing and dimensioning systems are utilized for higher velocity applications where existing or new conveyor-based operations will be utilized. Cubiscan Integration Services provides both semi-automated and fully automated systems which deliver precision and solid ROI versus manual processes.