Shipping Systems

integrated shipping systems

The shipping and manifest process can be optimized with our automated solution to remove touch labor and seamlessly interface with any host and shipping software.

Cubiscan Integration Services is experienced in identifying and solving inefficiencies associated with shipping and manifesting. Most warehouses and distribution centers utilize manual processes to convey, pack, scan, weigh, dimension, and label outbound shipments.

Automating the shipping and manifest process typically provides the greatest payback with minimal investment. Cubiscan Integration Services integrates the best-in-class hardware with proven software to interface both host environments and shipping software.

ROI and System Justification

As a rule of thumb, if a DC is shipping 500+ packages a day, there is typically payback that justifies automating some or all of the shipping and manifest processes.

  1. Labor: Typical end-of-line shipping areas employ the labor of people who manually scan, weigh, and manifest each shipment. This labor is better utilized in places that provide more value to the operation or may be eliminated altogether.

  2. Order Accuracy: Orders are often manually inspected for quality control. Much of this work may be automated with expected weight comparison to actual weight or other means. Mistakes from boxes with mismatched labels applied are easily rectified with automation.

  3. Seasonality: Many DCs hire seasonal temps to keep up with spikes in demand. Automated manifest lines are able to handle constant throughput and virtually eliminate drastic increases in workforce.


– Receiving & Slotting
– Automated carton selection
– Shipping manifest
– Shipping rate assessment
– Cargo freight forwarding

In-motion shipping systems

Cubiscan 200-SQ in-line dimensioning system for measuring and weighing parcels for high-volume shippers

Cubiscan 200-SQ

The Cubiscan 200-SQ is a high-speed, in-motion dimensioning and weighing system. It’s capable of measuring boxes and many types of irregular packages including polybags, mailers, and other materials down to 5mm (.2″) minimum height.

Parcel Types: Boxes and many types of irregular SKUs
Applications: High-volume outbound shipping and ecommerce

Measurement capacity: 2′ belt: 60″L x 23″W x 36″H and 132 lb
                                         3′ belt: 60″L x 35″W x 36″H and 132 lb

Cubiscan 210-L

The Cubiscan 210-L is an overhead dimensioning sensor that mounts above a conveyor belt. It measures in-motion SKUs and parcels as they pass under the sensor. The CS 210-L can be used in conjunction with barcode scanning and in-motion scales, or as a standalone unit to capture dimensional data in a compact and high-resolution solution.

Parcel Types: Boxes and irregular items (limitations with some dark colors)
Applications: Shipping, receiving and putaway

Measurement capacity: 120″L x 48″W x 36″H

Cubiscan 210-L overhead dimensioning sensor that measures boxes in high-speed and high-volume shipping operations. It's placed over conveyor to dimension parcels as they pass underneath the sensor
Cubiscan 225 dimensioning system uses infrared light to measure unboxed SKUs for on-demand packaging and e-commerce applications.

Cubiscan 225

Conveyorized measurement of large, odd-shaped SKUs and boxes for distribution, packaging, and warehousing applications. Ideal for on-demand box-making applications.

Parcel Types: Irregular or non-flat items (i.e. apparel, spatulas, bolts) and boxed
Applications: Shipping, logistics & space management, on-demand box making

Measurement capacity: 60″L x 24″W x 24″H
Extended version: 96″L x 24″W x 24″H

Cubiscan 275

The Cubiscan 275 can be operated in a semi-automatic or fully automatic mode. In semi-automatic mode, the CS 275 can be used in a back office or ship and manifest line to meet outbound shipping needs. In automatic mode, the CS 275 can function as an integrated manifest line where 500-5,000 packages are shipped a day.

Parcel Types: Boxes and cube-like shapes
Applications: Outbound shipping, manifesting, barcode reading, label print & apply, sortation

Measurement capacity: 30″L x 22″W x 24″H and 100 lb

Cubiscan 275 end-of-line dimensioning and shipping solution that measures, weighs, prints and applies a shipping label to parcels as they move along on a conveyor