Cubiscan certified

Cubiscan 110 mobile dimensioning system measures and weighs packages for outbound shipping. The Cubiscan 110 fits between gravity conveyor and makes it easy to handle packages as they come down the line

cubiscan certified agreement


Safeguard your Cubiscan with the Cubiscan Certified Agreement. The CCA is a per-site*, per-visit, per-day agreement, designed to keep your dimensioner and your team operating most effectively.

The CCA is an effective way to annually:

1. Certify the weights and measures of your Cubiscan
2. Maintain the cleanliness & proper function of your Cubiscan inside and out
3. Train your staff and ensure they’re using your Cubiscan correctly
4. Receive technical phone support


Once each year, unless otherwise requested, a Cubiscan Certified technician will visit your facility and certify that sensors, scales, lasers, and controllers are all calibrated and functioning properly. The Cubiscan Certified accreditation process is a 3-month, onsite training program where our technicians are trained in building, maintaining, calibrating, and troubleshooting each of our 13 Cubiscan systems from the ground up. Once your Cubiscan has been recalibrated and verified for accurate weights and measures, a Cubiscan Certified medallion will be affixed to the machine, affirming its dimensioning integrity for one year.

preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is included with the CCA as a means to proactively inspect and diagnose system issues before serious problems develop. From firmware to sensors, maintenance visits help prevent downtime and further ensure your Cubiscan will be operating continuously, at optimal levels of performance.


One of the more important components of the CCA is training. We will train your staff on how to properly use and operate Cubiscan dimensioners and our Qbit software. Cubiscans were invented to help companies make more money by increasing efficiencies and reducing costs. If staff are not properly trained on how to effectively utilize and operate a Cubiscan, either due to turnover, lack of initial training, or other issues, your dimensioning data won’t be as effective as it could be. Each CCA visit includes one full training on usage and basic troubleshooting with no limit to the number of staff.


phone support

Lastly, we understand that questions and issues will arise from time to time. Included with the Cubiscan Certified Agreement, is access to our customer service and support team on an annual basis.

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