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Dimensional weight data can be used to reduce shipping costs and improve warehouse efficiency. Our dimensioning for profit white paper gives insight into how you can utilize dimensioning technology to increase profit.

Product dimensional data is the backbone of most warehouse operations. If you’re not collecting SKU measurements, or if those measurements aren’t accurate, your other efficiency tools are not as efficient or money saving as you might think. This white paper explores the advantages of using a dimensioning system through each aspect of warehousing to alleviate warehouse operational expenses, particularly in relation to e-commerce.

Pallet dimensioning is the quickest way to increase revenue recovery and effectively cube out trucks. With an ROI of 2-3 months for most customers, a pallet dimensioner is one of the most reliable investments you can make.

Stop overpaying to ship your product! In four steps, this white paper explains how to use dimensional data to ship more profitably and efficiently. It’s time you paid what you should for shipping…and not a penny more.

Robots, drones, and electric cars. The future of dimensioning looks fun! Accurate product data continues to fuel the way technology interacts with and operates within a warehouse. AGVs, drone deliveries, and electric semis will all rely on accurate product dimensions to perform their jobs in the future.

Peak shipping months can make or break your company. If business is booming during those times, and hopefully it is, can you keep up? If peak shipping season pushes your business to the brink, a dimensioning system could be just what the doctor ordered. Click the button below to see how a dimensioning system could be the answer to your peak shipping season challenges.

You interact with metrology everyday, and chances are, you’ve never really noticed. A gas station pump, a deli meat scale, the self-park feature on your car–all examples of metrology in practice. As you can imagine, metrology matters when it comes to dimensioning, especially when choosing a dimensioning system provider. Find out why in the white paper below.