integration business cases

Cubiscan Integration Services has taken decades of experience in cubing, weighing, and scanning systems integration to a new level. Our expertise in these areas coupled with Qbit IMS software enable us to provide an extremely high level of competence in almost any end-of-line (EOL) application. We have thousands of installations globally, many of which are in-motion applications. Whether your needs are static, semi-automated, or a turnkey system, Cubiscan Integration Services has a solution to meet current and future needs.

Ecommerce fulfillment

Cubiscan Integration Services provides many solutions to optimize order fulfillment and direct to consumer operations. Many systems are designed to automatically package a product, scan, label, and ship. Qbit-IMS software provides the link between package ID, tracking number, and integration to shipping or host software.


The packaging industry is vast in scope and solutions needs. Cubiscan Integration Services has particular expertise in delivering systems requiring batch or dynamic labeling, weighing, serialization, and material handling requirements.

Typical Packaging Solutions Include:

– Product piece and full case counting, batching, and validation
– Product weighing–dynamic or batch systems for quality control
– Food Processing–washdown/stainless steel conveyor systems & weighing applications
– Labeling and identification for lot numbers, batches, expiration dates, etc.
– Vision inspection to identify faults in product integrity
– Metal detection for food related systems

third party logistics (3pl)

Third Party Logistics (3PL) has become an essential part of the distribution process for many companies. 3PL companies assume the role of order fulfillment and shipping. Contracts may be temporary or long term, and inventory may vary greatly from small items to large products that require special handling. These variables pose great challenges in managing the fulfillment process.

Many 3PLs are often labor intensive due to risk in contracts and inventory variation concerns. There are many modular types of systems that benefit these environments. There is no one-size-fits-all solution that answers every variation, however, Cubiscan Integration Services offers systems to remove much of the touch labor and manual handling associated with receiving and slotting products, order picking, packing, and shipping.