End of line shipping systems

Streamline your end-of-line shipping and manifesting processes with Cubiscan Integration Services. Our expert solutions identify and eliminate inefficiencies in manual procedures for conveying, packing, scanning, weighing, measuring, and labeling outbound shipments. Boost productivity today!

integrated AUTOMATION

Integrating automation into your shipping and manifest processes can yield significant benefits. Cubiscan integrates best-in-class hardware with proven software to interface both host environments and shipping software. 

Automating the shipping and manifest process has never been easier, now that it typically provides the greatest payback with minimal investment. Contact us today! 

Proven Return on Investment

As a general guideline, if a distribution center ships 500 or more packages per day, there is usually a substantial return on investment that justifies automating some or all end-of-line shipping and manifest processes.


Experience streamlined operations, reduced errors, and optimized resource utilization. Say goodbye to manual processes and Transform your facility with efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings. 

Ready to witness the impact firsthand? Take the first step towards a more productive and cost saving future by learning more how you can start applying these solutions into your own processes.

Integrative Solutions

Introducing our game-changing end-of-line shipping automation solutions. Experience the power of automation through captivating solutions that’ll transform your business through streamlined operations, enhanced efficiency, and error reduction.