Software & Controls

QBIT is at the core of all Cubiscan implementations when anything more than hardware is installed. We have been interfacing different host systems, warehouse management systems, and shipping software packages for over 35 years.

The heart of cubiscan technology

Discover the power of Qbit, the ultimate core component that seamlessly connects your operations. Whether it’s a static application with manual scanning, weighing, and cubing, or a fully automated solution integrated with an enterprise system, Qbit ensures flawless functionality. Streamline your processes and unlock efficiency with Qbit’s versatile and integrated approach.

the power behind the machine

Qbit™ - IMS
"In-Motion Software"

Introducing Qbit-IMS: the ultimate in-motion software suite for seamless system integration. Connect effortlessly with customer host software, motion controls, and hardware to streamline your operations. With extensive development and countless installations, Qbit-IMS guarantees unmatched functionality in host connectivity, labeling, weighing, cubing, scanning, and validation. Maximize your in-motion application potential today!

Qbit™ - TNT
"Track & Trace Application"

Introducing Qbit-TNT, an essential component of Qbit-IMS installations. Track multiple packages, barcodes, weights, and dimensional data seamlessly, creating comprehensive data packets for transmission to host systems. With customizable instances based on tracking requirements, Qbit-TNT ensures accurate tracking and tracing at every stage of your process. Enhance your operations with Qbit-TNT’s unparalleled data management capabilities.

your streamlined solution


Electrical Design and Controls

Experience the advantage of Cubiscan’s integrated approach. Our in-house electrical design and controls services cover every aspect of system installation, from design to commissioning and remote support. By eliminating third-party providers and programmers, we ensure cost-effective solutions and seamless software and controls functions. Trust Cubiscan for comprehensive and hassle-free service excellence.

Secure Access and Remote Support

Our PLC controls system provides real-time access, enabling us to provide efficient and effective support. Whether through support sessions initiated by our team or by end users, we can remotely troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve issues promptly. With this level of support, the majority of support cases can be resolved without the need for on-site visits, minimizing downtime and optimizing system performance.

Control Panels and Cabinets

Cubiscan’s experienced engineers design and build electrical control panels in-house. We prioritize meeting all electrical requirements and power drop specifications during the project phase before installation and commissioning. Our meticulous approach ensures the reliability and functionality of the control panels, contributing to the overall efficiency and performance of your warehouse automation systems.


Experience excellence in PLC programming. Our expertise has garnered customer referrals and recognition from leading integration groups. With Ethernet connectivity, we offer complete I/O visibility over the network, empowering comprehensive monitoring and remote adjustments for optimal system performance. Trust us for outstanding results and seamless control programming solutions.