In-motion scales & checkweighers

Checkweigh systems play a vital role in offering a range of benefits, including increased accuracy, improved quality control, and enhanced efficiency. Check out the advantages that this solution could be used in your processes.

Unique System Applications

Checkweigh systems are designed to cater to diverse needs and industries. Explore the advantages of checkweigh systems in your processes. Listed below are the top 5 applications, and discover how this solution can elevate your operations to new heights. Some key applications of these solutions include, but are not limited to…


Checkweighers are employed to verify the weight tolerances of packaging materials, ensuring adherence to industry standards. This helps prevent underweight or overweight packaged products from getting rejected and to meet specific customer requirements.

High-Speed Systems

Experience the power of Cubiscan’s advanced technology in high-speed checkweigh systems. Achieve exceptional accuracy that surpasses traditional load cells, ensuring industry-leading precision and reliability. Request a quote to elevate your operations cutting-edge solutions.

Shipping & Manifest

Streamline your shipping processes with integrated checkweigh systems for UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Ensure precise weight measurements, accurate tracking, and documentation. Avoid costly corrections charges by carriers. 

Order Validations

Optimize your order fulfillment with checkweighers that validate item weights against database records. Flag deviations beyond tolerance range and direct them to manual quality control stations. Ensure accuracy and efficiency in your processes. 

See the Integrated checkweigher in action

Imagine a bustling warehouse with different layouts and unique needs. We offer a unique way to integrate a system that checks the weight of your packages and sends that info to your master data software! 

Fulfillment & Distribution

Our standalone systems feature induction and exit conveyors, seamlessly integrating with your existing infrastructure. For a fully optimized solution, our integrated systems expertly combine both new and existing conveyors, adapting to your evolving requirements.

Typically, an inline scale system incorporates a scanner to read the individual parcel ID, record its shipping weight, and transmit this data to the manifest or host software. Weight verification involves comparing the actual weights to the expected weights stored in the database. If any exceptions fall outside the defined tolerance range, they are diverted to a manual quality control station for thorough inspection.

Experience greatness firsthand

Experience the power of tailored automation solutions that effortlessly streamline your operations. Let Cubiscan guide you towards the perfect conveyor setup, enhancing efficiency and maximizing productivity by requesting a quote today and witness the transformation firsthand.