Cubiscan Contour-AKL measuring palletized freight as it moves on a conveyor line

Overhead measurement sensors


Optional third laser sensor

Cubiscan Contour-AKL

The Cubiscan Contour-AKL is a pallet dimensioning system that excels at measuring protrusions, freight overhang, freight positioning, and tilt within pallet loads. It has two laser-based sensors that view the freight from above and additional sensing that inspects the pallet. An optional third laser sensor can measure the position of the freight in relation to the pallet. Based on that data, the CS Contour-AKL can tell you if the pallet is broken, if the freight wasn’t loaded properly, or if the freight is leaning outside a specified parameter. That data and insight is pivotal when using AGVs (automated guided vehicles) to transport, stack, and store pallets within your warehouse or inside a truck.

Parcel types: Palletized freight, large crates, large irregular items

Applications: Transporting, stacking, & storing palletized freight with AGVs

Measuring capacities: 8’L x 5’W x 6’H

technical specs

measuring capacities


6.0-96.0 in (16.0-243.0 cm)


6.0-60.0 in (16.0-152.0 cm)


6.0-72.0 in (16.0-182.0 cm)

Dimensional Increment

1 in (2.54 cm)

Protrusion Detection


≥ 4.0 cm


≥ 4.0 cm


≥ 1 cm

Detectable "protrusions" are 4.0cm x 4.0cm x 1cm (length, width, height), meaning that a protruding element that is
≥ 4.0cm in length and width will be securely detected as part of the object.


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