integration solutions

Cubiscan Integration Services has taken decades of experience in cubing, weighing, and scanning systems integration to a new level. Our expertise in these areas coupled with Qbit IMS software enable us to provide an extremely high level of competence in almost any end-of-line (EOL) application. We have thousands of installations globally, many of which are in-motion applications. Whether your needs are static, semi-automated, or a turnkey system, Cubiscan Integration Services has a solution to meet current and future needs.

integrated shipping systems

Cubiscan Integration Services is experienced in identifying and solving inefficiencies associated with shipping and manifesting. Most warehouses and distribution centers utilize manual processes to convey, pack, scan, weigh, dimension, and label outbound shipments.

Automating the shipping and manifest process typically provides the greatest payback with minimal investment. Cubiscan integrates best-in-class hardware with proven software to interface both host environments and shipping software.

ROI and System Justification

As a rule of thumb, if a DC is shipping 500+ packages per day, there is typically payback that justifies automating some or all of the shipping and manifest processes.

Cubing & dimensioning systems/dim weight

Cubing systems are used to automatically capture dimensions of boxes, bags, packages, and even irregular or non-cuboidal shapes. This process is particularly important for carrier compliance and legal for trade applications. Many UPS and FedEx services as well as most international carriers require dimensional weight calculations on certain types of shipments. Parcels that measure over limitations set by carriers cost more to ship due to dimensional weight factors.

Cubiscan Integration Services has vast experience with installing hundreds of in-motion dimensioning and cubing systems worldwide. System include a wide range of standardized products as well as options for conveyor, weighing, scanning, and labeling as part of a total solution.


– Receiving & Slotting
– Automated carton selection
– Shipping manifest
– Shipping rate assessment
– Cargo freight forwarding

Cubiscan check weigher

high-speed checkweighers

Cubiscan checkweigh solutions have several functions within the distribution process. A typical inline scale application will have a scanner that reads the individual parcel ID, records the shipping weight, then reports this data to the manifest or host software. In applications requiring weight verification, the actual weights are compared to expected weights in the database. This weight is determined by the sum of weights of the items picked and associated with a tolerance (acceptable range of +/- the actual weight). Any exceptions that are outside of the tolerance are then diverted to a manual QC station for inspection.

print and apply

Cubiscan Integration Services provides labeling systems as both standalone and fully integrated systems. The labor associated with hand labeling provides a solid opportunity for greatly increased efficiency and order accuracy in this process.

Print and apply systems are extremely beneficial in the shipping and manifesting process as well as other places in the warehouse. Typical systems include a barcode scanner to identify the particular parcel, a print/apply machine, conveyor for inducting, labeling, and discharge, a verification scanner to read the printed label, software to merge data, and communicate with the host system, and shipping software as required.

Print and apply systems are not limited to shipping applications. Many companies have products that are time stamped, serialized, or require a variation in every label that is applied to the product or shipping box. Any of these scenarios is easily resolved with automatic printing and application of the label.

Cubiscan 275 using a Panther Industries print and apply labeler to label a package as it moves down a conveyor line
Laser line scanning a barcode

barcode scanning systems

Cubiscan Integration Services provides engineering, installation, and support for fixed barcode scanning systems. We have both laser and camera-based systems to read barcodes in motion from single or multiple sides. Projects range from simple read/write of barcode data from a single source to multiple reads, decision points, and data integration with equipment, controls, software, and peripherals.

Aside from reading barcodes and RFID tags, fixed scanners can be used to reliably sort, count, measure, inspect, recognize, and verify the position, size, and overall shape of objects passing along a conveyor. They perform these tasks through a number of features. Contrast sensors identify differences in brightness and color. Luminescence sensors recognize any fluorescent markings, labels, threads, lubricants, and adhesives. And color sensors identify and differentiate different objects by color.

sortation and conveyance

Cubiscan Integration Services (CIS) provides several types of sorters and diverters for various applications. From simple checkweigher reject stations to multiple sortation locations by carrier or shipping zone, CIS utilizes best-in-class popup sorters, pushers, and sweep sorters for bags, boxes, or raw conveyable products.

CIS offers a variety of sortation solutions typically found in end-of-line shipping systems as well as sort-to-order fulfillment.

  1. Sort by carrier–This can be driven by customer data or a CIS interface to select a sortation lane for UPS, Fedex, USPS, or any other carrier. You can also sort by service level such as overnight, 2nd day, ground, etc.
  2. Sort to order–Many picking processes benefit by batch picking multiple orders then using a CIS solution to sort out the items/boxes picked to sort locations for final packing, palletizing, etc.
Cubiscan integration services sortation and conveyor lines


Warehouse automation is arguably the best way to reduce long-term warehouse distribution and logistics costs. Not only do automated conveyor systems reduce manual labor costs, in many cases they save tremendous amounts of floor space, thereby increasing overall warehouse capacity. With an automated conveyor system, order accuracy improves on multiple levels.

Conveyors also alleviate the need to temporarily augment the warehouse labor force during times when workflow traditionally spikes, like during the summer months or holiday seasons. A properly functioning automation system will be able to keep up with the increased output. Automated conveyor systems create such a measurable ROI that it’s practically unheard of for a company to return to conventional warehouse systems once they have established an automated system that works well.

Cubiscan 200-SQ measuring, weighing, and scanning a barcode on a box on a shipping conveyor line



Cubiscan Integration Services provides software for tracking barcodes, weights, dimensional data, and more. This software, Qbit-TNT, can run in one or more instances on a system depending on the need to track and trace various items in numerous stages of the process.


Nearly every automation project includes electrical controls and PLC programming that operates in the background. CIS provides in-house electrical design and controls for all systems we install. This is a key advantage in that CIS designs, installs, commissions, and remotely supports all software and controls functions. Our system allows us real-time access (with support sessions initiated by end users). With this level of support, the vast majority of issues can be resolved remotely.